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A home extension project is a major undertaking for any homeowner. If a professional builds it right, it increases the value and functionality of the house. On the other hand, when a professional or amateur builds it poorly, it can devalue the property and become useless to the homeowner with all its negative issues. We offer a list of do’s and don’ts to refer to when you plan an extension project at your house.

1. Do learn about local regulations governing home extensions. Your local authorities might dictate through various codes the height, width and other specifications that you must achieve to bring your extension into code.

2. Do obtain a written quote instead of just an estimate before you hire a contractor. In addition, remember that a written quote will not cover issues that crop up that cannot be foreseen at the start.

3. Do know how much you actually can afford to spend on your extension. Understand the extreme that your cash flow will extend to this project since there may be some additional expenses beyond the quote that the contractor provides to you if unexpected issues occur during the project.

4. Don’t hire just any contractor to build your extension. Be sure to research into a contractor’s background, training, experience and services. You should hire the best contractor you can locate who offers you the most services for your investment.

5. Do hire a contractor who also offers design services. You will not require an outside architect this way. On top of this, ensure that the contractor will handle all plumbing, electrical and cable installation during for the home extension project.

6. Don’t skimp on the quality of materials. When you invest in high-quality materials, your extension will last for years without need of repairs. In comparison, if you select cheap materials that are poor quality, you will need to spend extra in just a few years to remedy issues.

7. Don’t pay a contractor the entire cost of the project upfront. You may hire the best contractor in your area, but this does not mean that you should pay the entire cost of the project before work begins. Safeguard yourself against issues, disagreements and dishonesty by paying only small portions at a time throughout the project. By doing this, the contractor has an extra incentive to please you with his or her work.

Consider these do’s and don’ts while you plan for a home extension project, and it will turn out in an ideal manner. Your additional space will last for years and increase the value of your house.


The Europeans invented the outdoor dining experience a long time ago, but you can easily replicate it today by installing your own alfresco area at your home. With the right plan, you can lounge, cook, eat and even keep warm on chilly nights outdoors in this area. An alfresco space extends your house into your yard to provide you additional space to entertain family and friends. Concept Bathrooms & Construction will provide quality elements and structures to create the ideal alfresco setup at your house.

Decide on the Location

First, you must decide on the location of your alfresco space. It can be an area attached to the house, or it can be out in the middle of your yard if you so desire it. To select the right spot, consider how much sun or shade you prefer for the space, as this may determine where you will locate it.

Meet With Us to Receive a Quote

Once you decide where you prefer us to build your alfresco area at, set up a meeting with us to receive a free, written quote of the entire job. We will meet with you and discuss all ideas and preferences you may have for this project. Our experts also will collect all pertinent measurements in order to create a construction plan.

We Will Create a Plan, and You Select the Materials

Next, we will draw up a plan for your alfresco space complete with a pergola if necessary. We include custom cabinetry to house an outdoor grill, sink and even a refrigerator. The countertops that we install on the cabinetry will provide you with ample workspace for food preparation or service. We also guide you through selecting which materials and finishes you prefer us to include in your alfresco project. Through this, you will be able to personalise every aspect of your project.

Our Experts Will Perform All Construction Duties

Once we draw up the plans, and you select the materials and finishes, we set to work constructing your alfresco haven. Whether we build cabinetry, walls, a pergola or other features for you, all the elements will contain expert workmanship, so they will last for years.

We Will Add Finishing Touches

We will help you with all the final additions, including outdoor furniture selections. If you desire a fire pit as part of your alfresco setup, we can bring that idea to fruition. Our experts ensure that all your outdoor elements will stand up through weather exposure. With our help, you can even add a European flair to your project.

When you decide to add an alfresco area at your house, call on Concept Bathrooms & Construction for quality plans, materials and workmanship at prices within your budget. You also can rely on us for construction services on bathrooms, kitchens and home extensions in addition to alfresco spaces. Our company guarantees satisfaction.


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Since the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, it typically requires renovation at least once during the life of the house. Homeowners remodel their kitchens when they lose their attractiveness or are not as functional as they need them to be for food preparation. If you feel that you need to improve this room in your house in one manner or another, it is time to plan how to remodel it to better suit you. Read on to learn our practical tips for kitchen renovation.

Consider How You Use the Kitchen

Think about how you use the kitchen as the first step in your renovation plan. You may require an area for your family to congregate to eat snacks and meals or you may entertain to such an extent that workspace is imperative in your kitchen just for two examples of what we mean by kitchen usage. A work island is ideal for extra workspace.

Kitchen Storage Is Another Consideration

You should decide on whether the amount of kitchen storage that you have at present is sufficient or if you may need to expand on it with the remodel. A renovation is the ideal time to add extra storage space to the kitchen, whether it is with cabinets or a pantry. Adequate storage options in the kitchen prevent counter clutter and result in additional workspace.

Ensure That the New Kitchen is Simple to Maintain

Do not overlook the necessity for your kitchen to be simple to clean and maintain. This is especially important when you are an avid cook or baker. Below are suggestions for materials for countertops that are low maintenance:

• Quartz
• Stainless Steel
• Polished Granite
• Laminates
• Resins
• Wood

Invest in Top-Quality Materials

Your remodeling budget should include enough funds to invest in top-quality materials. When you skimp on these materials, your kitchen will not hold up long enough for you to receive a valid return on your investment. Instead, your kitchen will require another remodel in just a few short years.

Hire a Quality Company to Perform Your Renovation

Only trust a quality company to perform your kitchen renovation for you. A company such as this will offer services in design, construction and installation to ensure that your kitchen remodel comes to fruition in the ideal manner. When you turn to Concept Bathrooms & Construction for your kitchen-remodeling project, we bring over 25 years of experience to it to ensure your satisfaction. We walk you through every step of your renovation before you decide whether or not to hire us to ensure that you understand what each step involves for your kitchen. In addition, our company guarantees the quality of our materials and services.


When your home requires renovation, you may be in a quandary over which contractor to hire to perform the task. While you might have a limited amount of funds to invest in this remodeling project, it does not mean that you should cut corners when you hire a contractor. You need to spend as much as you possibly can afford to employ the best home renovation contractor for your house, as there are a number of different advantages when you hire one of this caliber for a remodeling project.

Professional Design Services

The ideal contractor will offer you professional design services, so you will have no need for a separate architect for your renovation. At your initial meeting, the contractor will ask about your ideas and take accurate measurements. Then, the contractor will draw up plans for your consideration.

Materials Guidance

On top of the professional design services, the right contractor will suggest which quality materials will fit your plans the best. Whether it is the wood cabinetry, tubs, toilets, sinks or countertops, the contractor will understand which materials will and will not bring you the desired results.

A Free Written Quote

The best contractor for your remodeling job also will provide you with a free written quote that includes all the design, construction and installation costs. Charges for both labour and materials will be in this quote. If any unforeseen issues occur during the renovation, the contractor will consult with you before the job proceeds, especially if the issue calls for additional funds. All costs will be out in the open, though, with no hidden surprises.

You Will Save Time and Money

Your renovation will require less time and money to complete with the best contractor since it will be done right the first time around. When people hire unreliable contractors, their remodeling projects often require redoes, which cost additional time and money.

Approval of Permits

The ideal contractor will gain approval of all necessary permits to ensure that the renovation lives up to local codes and regulations. Applying for permits is a headache when you do not understand the application process.

Expert Workmanship

You will receive expert workmanship from the best home renovation contractor, as the company will have years of experience in the industry. With this type of expertise, this contractor will understand how to solve even unusual issues that can occur during a remodeling project.

A Guarantee of Satisfaction

The best contractor for your task will provide you with a guarantee of labour and materials at the completion of the renovation. This guarantee will allow you to contact the contractor for corrections if any issues arise at no additional cost.

Please, allow Concept Bathrooms & Construction to be your home renovation contractor for your next remodeling project. We bring to you more than 25 years of experience in the field and will ensure that every detail is to your satisfaction. Contact our experts for further information.

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If you are avoiding renovating your home out of fear of the expense, you should rethink this decision. Seldom, does a home require a complete remodel from top to bottom just to update its appearance. You may only need to concentrate your efforts on one or two rooms to accomplish a face-lift for your home. Here at Concept Bathrooms & Construction we perform all types of renovations from simple to complex, and this makes us an expert on the fact that many remodels are affordable. We will show you some tips below, though, for a cost-effective, budget friendly house refurbishment to prove that you can afford to remodel your abode.

Tip #1 – Consider which room of the house is in the worst shape, and start with just that room if you cannot afford a huge remodel project at present. For example, the kitchen is the same one that came with the house 20 years ago. You know that everything in it is out of date, and the appliances are not even energy efficient according to today’s standards. When this fits your house, start with your kitchen.

Tip #2 – In a bathroom, you may just require new cabinetry with a dual sink configuration in place of your single sink. Maybe you also need to update the flooring. When you just replace the bare minimum, the renovation will not break the budget.

Tip #3 – Your kitchen may desperately need new countertops and a sink, but the rest of your kitchen may just require a coat of paint. A remodel on this level is well worth the investment. Another budget friendly house renovation to improve your kitchen is to replace the stock cabinets with custom-made ones that will provide you with additional storage. In addition, installing a pantry into your kitchen increases your ability to organize all your dry goods, cooking and baking supplies, and necessary prep equipment.

Tip #4 – An extension may be your only answer when you run out of living space for your family in your home. You may feel the extension will be too costly to manage, but when you figure in how expensive it might be to move to a larger house, you soon realize the expense of an extension is cost-effective. Our professionals will work in conjunction with you to ensure that they design and build an extension to fit within your budget.

Remember these tips for a cost-effective, budget friendly house refurbishment the next time you plan to remodel to remove your fear to proceed with it. You can relax when you rely on our company to perform your renovation, as we will design the ideal plan for your kitchen, bathroom or extension in an affordable manner.

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When you have an excess of outdoor space, but lack enough usable space for you and your family or for entertaining inside the house, it is time to consider a Home Extension. An extension is simply a room that will enable you to maximise the use of your outdoor space in the manner that is the most beneficial to you. You select what type of room that you wish to add onto the house according to your own circumstances. Professionals will bring your ideas to fruition.

Examples of Extensions for Houses

You can select from a wide assortment of extension options, such as the following:

• Additional interior rooms such as a bedroom, bathroom or playroom are just a few examples of these rooms. Maybe you need a larger dining area instead, though, and this is also a viable option.

• Alfresco rooms are halfway between inside and outdoor areas as they are decorated similar to inside rooms, but are located in such a way as to open onto the yard. A cooking area, outdoor furniture, LED lighting and possibly a fire pit are popular features of alfresco extensions. With these rooms, you extend your living area into the outdoors where you will be able to enjoy nature.

• Sunrooms have two or three glass walls and can also have a glass ceiling. You can utilise a sunroom to grow plants, admire the view of the yard, sunbathe or relax and read a book. Rooms such as these also provide an additional gathering place for family, guests and friends.

• A storage room is at times necessary as a family outgrows the existing space in a house. You can place memorabilia, seasonal decorations and other items that you do not use daily in the room. When you add this type of Home Extension to the house, you can organize the rest of your home efficiently since you will gain additional storage.

• An attached garage is an effective utilisation of your outdoor space as it protects your vehicle along with other items such as lawn-maintenance equipment. Depending on the available space, you may select a single-vehicle version or one that allows plenty of space for multiple vehicles.

You want to ensure that only a professional company builds your Home Extension for you. After all, you desire a quality house addition that will last for a very long time. On top of this, there are local codes to consider during construction.

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When you plan to remodel the busiest rooms in your house, you will discover definite advantages when you hire the best bathroom and kitchen renovation experts to perform the job. After all, there are intricate plumbing issues that may arise in either room during the remodel process on top of the other work that the rooms require to improve or enhance them. All the stages of your remodel benefit from the services that experts in renovation will offer you.

The Quote and Design Stage

Experts will examine and measure the area that they need to address in a bathroom and kitchen renovation at an initial meeting with you. With the information that they learn, these professionals will then ask what you have in mind for your rooms. They will provide you with a written quote for all services. After all this, they will set to work designing quality plans that include your ideas. They may also explain why certain ideas will not work in the space you have in the rooms. Renovation experts will provide whatever your style preference is for these rooms.

Experts Will Recommend the Right Materials

Once the bathroom and kitchen renovation experts create the plans, they will advise you to the right materials to bring the plans to fruition. The materials will include such things as wood for cabinetry, paint for the walls, tubs, sinks, mirrors, light fixtures, appliances, towel racks, flooring and countertops. Experts will only recommend quality materials.

The Construction Phase

Renovation professionals ensure that all pieces have quality construction to hold up throughout the years, and this is especially important in the cabinetry and countertops that they will install as part of your renovation. Since these items are made according to the measurements of your rooms, they will fit perfectly in their allotted spaces.

The Installation Process

Experts in renovation will install all the elements of your remodel with care and precision. Regardless of the difficulty of the task at hand, these professionals will ensure every detail is perfection. The flooring, plumbing, cabinetry, countertops and all other elements in the room will fit accurately with the durability you deserve in a bathroom and kitchen renovation.

They Guarantee Their Services

The best bathroom and kitchen renovation experts will always provide you with a guarantee of their services. You can hire them with confidence for this reason and the fact that they ensure high-quality labour and materials with each project they perform for you.

bathroom Ideas

Renovations do not always contain complex changes and ideas. In fact, some of the best ones stick to just the bare necessities. Even with bathroom makeover, this holds true. We provide you with some simple remodel ideas for your bathroom in the following list.

1. The addition of glass shower screens around your shower and at times, a tub is a simple way to add convenience and style to your bathroom. Convenience in that these screens clean much easier than shower curtains do, and we mention style, as there are a number of different options in these screens available to you today.

2. Replace your single-sink cabinetry with one of the latest double-sink custom models to increase the functionality of the bathroom. After installation, no longer will you need to wait on your spouse to style your hair. Both of you will be able to groom your bodies and hair at the same time. Sinks also come in raised and sunken versions for cabinets on top of freestanding, half-sink, square, rectangular and round ones. Select the ones that best suit the rest of your bathroom decor.

3. Maybe you only need a new tub, shower or toilet in your bathroom. Today, there are some innovative designs for all of these that were not around years ago when your house was first built. The present stand-alone tubs add a modern twist to your old bathroom with their unique shapes and add-ons. Showers now come with massage jets, soap dishes, seats and even handicap bars built into their units. Toilets come in unique shapes and styles at present along with water-saving and other beneficial features.

4. Tile walls and flooring are quite popular at the moment, as tiles come in a variety of colours, sizes and materials. Place a pastel colour on the walls to lighten and brighten the room while the medium to dark tones are ideal for the floor. Even non-slip ones are available for the floor, so you do not fall when the floor is wet.

5. LED lights create a special ambiance in the bathroom while they provide sufficient light for you to see clearly enough to apply your makeup, shower or perform other grooming duties. You even can even read a magazine, newspaper or book while tending to certain necessities if you get what we mean.

6. You may require a new mirror to replace the old one that has seen better days. Once mirrors age to the point of displaying all their flaws clearer than your image, it is beyond time to replace them.

The list above shows you how simple some renovations can be with just a singular item. You may be similar to other homeowners, though, and need a professional to gut your existing bathroom to begin fresh. Let your budget and the shape of your bathroom be your guide to how complex your renovation must be, but remember, less is often enough to rejuvenate your bathroom.


When it comes to a home renovation project, there are many aspects of the project to make decisions on before it can even begin. First, you figure out what parts of your house you wish to renovate, and then your next task is to locate the right contractor for the job. The second task will seem overwhelming if you have little or no experience with professional building contractors. Luckily, we offer some tips here to reduce the stress of this task.

1. Ask realtors, plumbers, electricians, trusted friends and coworkers, and family members who they recommend as a contractor. Referrals such as these will be invaluable, as you will form a list of possible choices from these recommendations.

2. Research the contractors and weed out the ones who do not offer a broad range of services. For instance, a reputable one will provide architectural design help along with the standard construction and renovation options. No need to use a separate architect when you find it all under one roof. In addition, contractors should offer you a large assortment of products, colours and materials for inclusion in your remodel.

3. Ask the contractor if he or she specializes in your specific renovation project. Kitchens and bathrooms have the issue of the plumbing system that is not a concern with the living or family room, so you will require a contractor who is adept at remodeling these rooms.

4. A reputable contractor should hold the right licensing according to local laws and regulations. On top of this, he or she needs to be insured to protect you in case of a mishap.

5. Does the contractor provide a free written quote of the entire project? Quality ones will offer this service in order for you to receive a clear picture of all the labour, material and other costs that are connected with your renovation project. The figures must be accurate and not just vague estimates. Quotes also should include a payment schedule, as you NEVER pay for the entire job up front. Any contractor who wants the total price of the job before he or she will begin the work is up to something. Run do not walk away from this contractor.

6. What type of guarantee does the contractor offer you? He or she should provide one that includes both materials and labour. You should be able to call upon the contractor to return to the renovation project if it is not to your liking once the job is complete and remedy all issues. Guarantees typically cover a certain length of time.

Always perform adequate research to locate the right contractor for your renovation. Your goal is to hire the one who will provide the most services and best quality for your renovation needs.


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When you build a house or remodel a kitchen, the architects, contractors or designers will ask you whether you prefer a classic, traditional, modern or contemporary style. A decision about one specific style often is overwhelming, especially if you do not fully understand the characteristics of each style. We present you an ultimate guide to kitchen designs in the following information.

Classic Style

Classic kitchens often include white or cream cabinetry that is of a simple design with a minimum of detail. Shaker cabinets are typically the ones of choice, but other similar styles will also fit into this design style. You must keep the cabinetry simplistic or the overall tone of the kitchen will quickly lean towards traditional and veer away from the classic style. A classic kitchen receives its ambiance with other features such as natural countertops in white or black out of such materials as marble, granite, quartz or even soapstone. White or pale shades of tile for splashbacks are yet another feature in this style of kitchen.

Traditional Style

With traditional kitchens, the cabinetry is more ornamental in nature than in the classic kitchen style. The cabinets will feature intricate designs on the doors and trim. Often times, the cabinetry is stained to bring out the natural wood grain, but at other times white cabinets with an antiquing stain is the preference. Drawer pulls and hinges also carry through with this theme.

On top of all the above, there is no need to keep this style in neutral colours. Muted colour tones ranging from gold to taupe provide richness in a traditional kitchen. Crown moulding also adorns the upper cabinets up at the ceiling. Chairs with upholstered seats, wallpaper in fruit or other designs, stone countertops and wood flooring are some other characteristics of traditional kitchens.

Modern Style

Modern kitchens contain minimalistic cabinets with non-ornamental hardware and the designers often accentuate the horizontal lines of the materials in the cabinets. For example, all the wood grain will be horizontal instead of vertical. Flat-panel doors adorn the front of the cabinets and contain no carvings or decorative trim. Linear or tubular draw handles are ideal for this style. When outfitting a small kitchen, homeowners find that this style requires less space than traditional style does and as a result, leaves them with as much floor space as possible.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary kitchens have some of the same sleek characteristics of modern, but also include the latest trends in technology, material and decor. This style is about function and form, and not just about form as the modern style is in the kitchens. You will find energy-efficient appliances, smart cook tops and other modern conveniences in this style of kitchen. Stainless steel, neutral colours, wood panelling and tile splashbacks are yet other features this style includes with this room.

We hope this guide helps you select which kitchen style suits your personality and house the best. You also can mix and match elements of the various styles to come up with your own unique style.