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If you own a house with limited space or enjoy entertaining on a regular basis, an open-concept kitchen is ideal since it provides the amenities of the kitchen without closing the room off from the rest of the house. A typical house layout with this type of kitchen will include a dining room or area right off the kitchen without a wall in between the two rooms. At times, the living room, dining room and kitchen are all one large room, in actuality, separated only by the furnishings for each area. We explore some design ideas of this type of kitchen in the following facts.

Ideal Layouts for Open-Concept Kitchens

You can select from the following layouts for an open kitchen since all can provide an airy feeling when set up correctly:

• One-Wall Layout
– All elements of this style of kitchen are on a single wall, including the refrigerator, stove, sink, cabinets and benchtops. This layout requires the least amount of floor space out of the other layouts here. You can take cabinets from the floor all the way to the ceiling if necessary with this layout to provide you with sufficient storage.

• L-Shaped Layout – With this style of layout, the elements of the kitchen are on two walls with benchtops of both connecting where the two walls meet.

• U-Shaped Layout – In the U-shaped kitchens, the elements of the kitchen are spread out over three walls in such a way as to limit the space you need to traverse to prepare food.

• G-Shaped Layout
– This shape of kitchen is similar to the U-shaped one but with the addition of a benchtop part way across the open end. If you select this layout for your open kitchen, you need to be certain to leave off cabinets over the benchtop at the open end or at the very least, install glass shelving to preserve the open nature of this style of kitchen.

An Island Is a Useful Feature to Add to an Open Kitchen

Certain open-concept kitchen designs contain an island when space allows for one that is either an additional work space or a bar-style seating area. You can install an island without comprising the airy look and layout of this style of kitchen.

Flooring Can Create Symmetry with the Kitchen and Adjoining Rooms

The way to ensure symmetry between the kitchen and the adjoining room or rooms is to install the same type of flooring throughout the rooms. If you decide not to follow this approach, though, be certain that the flooring colours complement each other and do not clash together.

For further details about open-concept kitchen design ideas, rely on Concept Bathrooms & Construction. We offer a full line of services to ensure that your kitchen plans come to fruition in an ideal, quality and durable way.

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Bathrooms are major rooms of use and necessity in any household. Especially if you favor a minimalist design for your bathroom, storage space that is tucked away beneath the vanity or behind a mirrored section lining the wall above is essential for your overall room’s structure and style. Concept bath designs are popular now, and many young people in particular favor minimalist styles in their homes or apartments. One reason for this is that the basic principles of minimalist thought, visual presentation and practical application call for lack of clutter and complexity. Although this mode of thinking and fashion statement may seem easy to achieve, in reality, it can be more difficult than most people think.

Main Features of a Simple Minimalist Bathroom Design

Some major aspects and features of a basic modern minimalist bathroom design today include the following:

• White or Neutral Fixtures, Walls and Floor. – Most current minimalist bath decor includes basic white or neutral porcelain fixtures. The walls and flooring are also white or neutral shades of tile, with the same tiling continuing into the shower. No unnecessary furniture items are added to prevent the accumulation of clutter in the room.

• One Wood Grain or Coloured Item. – One item with a wood grain or coloured surface may be present, usually of a dark, sedate hue or finish. The lack of colour is meant to reinforce the simplicity and overall calm, quiet ambiance of the room’s total interior. The mirror above the vanity may be rectangular or rounded, depending on the lines of the sink and vanity beneath. In general, a true minimalist bath design will have only one sink, as two might indicate a weakness for indulgence or excess in the overall decor concept.

• Simple, Recessed Lighting. – Lighting is recessed in the ceiling or walls minus any ornate decoration. The light is directed in a practical way toward the room’s mirror above the vanity and downward in the shower to provide safe lighting while the shower is being used. Some designs use only recessed spot-type lighting without any exterior shades or clear covers to soften the directed light beams.

• Plain Walk-in Shower Design with Clear Glass Sliding Door. – The clear glass door of the shower prevents any obstruction of the room’s open, uncluttered look and atmosphere, creating the sense that the shower is simply an extension or corner of the room. Your reaction may be similar to the feeling you experience in a typical European bathroom with wall-to-wall tiling and no separate shower.

When you engage the professional advice and services of Concept Bathrooms & Construction in Preston, Victoria, you will receive excellent comprehensive guidance for designing or remodeling your bathroom to give it a true minimalist look and practical, uncluttered functionality. This expert bath design and construction team will provide you with the top-quality knowledge and workmanship to ensure the pure, authentic style of a genuine minimalist bath decor.

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No other room in the house is exposed to as much moisture regularly as is the bathroom. For this reason, all the materials on the various surfaces in this room need to be able to stand up to it along with the other types of wear and tear that come with the daily use of this room. Caesarstone® provides a unique manufactured stone product that adds timeless elegance and luxury to your bathroom in a wide variety of design ideas with its varied assortment of colours and patterns. Uses for this product range from the wall covering to flooring panels in the bathroom.

1. Wall Covering

Since Caesarstone® requires a minimum of joins in its installation, it creates almost seamless walls from floor to ceilings with its large panels in comparison to using separate bathroom tiles in other materials. Grout in between tiles is difficult to keep clean and maintain. Caesarstone® complements the modern decor in an optimal manner for this reason, but also blends well with other decor styles. The manufacturer offers a special line of slabs in selected colours that are 13-mm thick for use as wall panels since they are lighter in weight than their standard 20-mm thick panels for other uses.

2. Benchtops

With all the grooming elements being out on the benchtops in the bathroom, the material in them needs to be durable above all else. Caesarstone® is ideal for this use since it is highly scratch resistant. It also comes in a wide range of colours to suit your decor preferences. You can choose a subtle pattern such as the Snow™ or Osprey™ or you can choose the earthier pattern of Wild Rocks™ just for a few examples.

3. Shower Stalls

Install this man-made stone product in a shower stall for yet another design option for your custom bathroom. We state this since it is mould and mildew resistant along with being durable.

4. Splashbacks for Tub and Sink Areas

When you desire, you can protect the tub and sink areas from moisture, by installing Caesarstone® splashbacks while painting the rest of the wall the colour of your choice.

5. Flooring Panels

While Caesarstone is recommended for flooring panels as well as the other uses above, it does not receive the manufacturer’s customary 10-year limited warranty for this use due to the additional wear and tear from foot traffic, which is something to consider before you decide on it for this application.

Concept Bathrooms & Construction will help you select the right shade and pattern of Caesarstone® vanities, splashbacks and benchtops for your specific bathroom application or applications. You can choose a single colour and pattern or you can blend two or more together to create a one-of-a-kind look for your bathroom. We will install it in a quality manner after you make your selection.


When making an investment for new countertops for your kitchen, you should think about the materials that will help these elements endure over the years in a quality manner with daily use. For this reason, you need to seriously consider the benefits of natural stone countertops.

Various Types of Stone Are Available

You can select from a wide assortment of stone. Each one has its own unique characteristics, attractiveness, care instructions and durability levels. Consider the list below to start your search:

All Stone Comes in Various Shades

Since all of the above types of stone form in the ground in various parts of the world, the colours vary between each stone slab even within one given type, but typically, the colours include everything from whitish shades to blackish ones with numerous shades in between.

Natural Stone Countertops Will Outlast Those of Other Materials

The stone material lasts longer than man-made or wood materials do in a kitchen. Synthetic countertops can fade, scratch and mar easily, and show other signs of wear in the fraction of the time that stone ones do over the years. Timber ones can be resilient, but the stone ones are at the top of the list where this is concerned with countertops.

Stone Countertops Can Increase the Value of Your House

Since stone countertops are both durable and attractive, and the fact that the condition of the kitchen has a major influence of the overall price that you can receive for your house if you sell it, you can increase the value of your home by replacing your old laminate countertops with stone ones. Also, you will realise a high return on this investment.

To learn about additional benefits of natural stone countertops for your kitchen, consult with our team here at Concept Bathrooms & Construction. We will assist you in choosing the right type of natural stone for the way in which you use your kitchen to ensure that it suits your needs in the best possible manner. Our company promises satisfaction with our materials, products and workmanship.

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Toilets used to be just plain, utilitarian plumbing fixtures in homes that served an important purpose without adding any enhancement at all to the surrounding area. Today, this is no longer true due to the fact that there have been numerous innovations and improvements to these fixtures to bring us to the present-day offerings of modern toilets. Not only can you find different types of models and installation methods for these fixtures now, but also there are intelligent ones that provide the ultimate toileting experience to you.

Examples of Modern Toilets and Their Features

Close-coupled toilets probably are the most popular models, especially for those on a budget. With these toilets the cistern and pan come as one single unit, and this makes for an easy installation. In addition, these come in a variety of styles and shapes with all of them concealing the unsightly pipes inside the unit.

Back-to-wall models also contain both the pan and cistern in a single unit as with the close-coupled ones. One major difference, though, between these two models is the fact that the back-to-wall ones install flush against the wall and hence, their name.

Wall-hung toilets appear to float since they mount on the wall off the floor. Ideal for a modern decor style, and the installation height is easy to adjust for those with mobility or other issues.

Wall-faced toilets have the pan and cistern separate from each other. The pan installs flush to the wall and on the floor while the cistern is in a cabinet or inside the wall. You need to understand that the pan and cistern may be sold as individual units and not as a package. Since the cistern can be placed in the wall, this model is suitable for small or large spaces.

Intelligent toilets are wall-hung models that include touch-free flushing, remote control functionality, a hygienic rimless bowl and a contemporary design along with a UV self-cleansing, built-in bidet.

Urinals may be desirable in addition to your favourite model of toilet if your household has one or more males in it. These come in a variety of models ranging from traditional floor mounts to highly modern wall units.

For additional information about the amazing wonders of modern toilets, consult with Concept Bathrooms & Construction. Our experts will guide you to the ideal model for your needs, budget and decor. We provide expert construction and renovation services for bathrooms, kitchens and extensions.

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One major focal point for your bathroom is the bathtub. For this reason, you should choose it carefully to ensure that it addresses your needs in an attractive, adequate fashion. You need to learn about the various types of tubs that are on the market today. In addition, they come in different kinds of materials. We offer you the following list of bathtub facts to facilitate your decision-making process.

1. Types of Bathtubs

You have a number of different types of bathtubs from which to make your selection, such as:

• Standard ones attach to the walls on each end and on one side. Only the front side is decorative. These are adaptable to the addition of a shower when desirable, and the tapware is mountable on the tub or wall depending upon their style.
• Whirlpool tubs are deeper than standard models are and come with jets that propel the water around your body to soothe and loosen tense, aching muscles.
• Drop-in models are similar to standard ones except they are only a shell without a decorative front side. Installers insert them into an enclosure that matches your bathroom tile or cabinetry. Undermount versions of the drop-ins also are available, but these install into the floor.
• Freestanding models do not attach to any other surfaces but stand on their own. Certain models come with legs of various designs while other sit flat on the floor.
• Walk-in models are available for those with disabilities and come in various dimensions.

2. Materials in Today’s Bathtub

Another consideration in the purchase of your bathtub is what type of material best fits your needs. While acrylic is lightweight and retains heat well, tubs of this material cost more and they may scratch. Enameled cast iron tubs on the other hand, require extra structural reinforcement to support their additional weight, but are highly durable and long lasting. These are just two examples of the available materials for bathtubs.

3. Bathtubs Come in a Wide Assortment of Shapes

You also will need to select the shape of your bathtub. The choices for this include round, rectangular, oblong, triangular, and other shapes. Measure the space accurately to ensure that your model will fit in the proper manner.

If you need additional bathtub facts, contact Concept Bathrooms & Construction. We provide expert guidance and services in bathroom renovation and construction, including which bathtub that is ideal for your specific situation. All of our services are backed with a guarantee.

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It helps to have good suggestions, advice and tips when selecting your bathroom tile designs. Especially if this is your first attempt at bathroom renovations or designing a new bath, advice from tiling professionals is highly recommended. Friends and neighbors who are more experienced at refurbishing baths or choosing new bathroom decor than you may be can also offer essential tips for making ideal tile design selections.

Valuable Tips for Making Good Bathroom Tile Choices

Before you purchase new tiles to adorn your remodeled or brand new bath, consider the following tips and suggestions:

• Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles.
– If you want artistically patterned and beautifully glazed tiles in different shapes or sizes to embellish your bathroom decor, these tiles may be your best choice. Formed from clay mixtures that were pressed and kiln-fired at high heat settings, these tiles are durable and very practical as well as creative and appealing. If you like, you can have an artisan secure your favorite digital images with high resolution on these tile surfaces before the glazing process.

• Glass Tiles.
– The luster and sheer elegance of these tiles plus their wide range of colors make them quite attractive and popular today. When placed on your bathroom walls in brilliantly hued, decorative designs or as mosaics on the floor, they create a stunning creative display. However, these tiles should not be placed on sections of bath flooring that is highly trafficked to avoid wear-and-tear or damage. Glass tiling of this type is waterproof, which is a definite advantage for bathroom decor.

• Stone Tiles. – Tiles made of natural stone have rough surfaces and imperfect shapes, which gives them a unique and rugged charm. Oddly enough, these tiles are attractive decor for both vintage and ultra-modern bathroom interiors. However, to give theses tiles watertight surfaces, you must have them coated with a membrane that is waterproof.

• Marble Tiles. – Marble can be left with its natural patterned, lined or veined surface or given a high polish, as you wish. Marble tiles come in many different sizes and can be custom ordered to suit your bath decor plans. Formed from pulverized limestone that
was heated for centuries by the earth, this lovely stone has been used as a decorative feature since ancient times.

• Travertine Tiles. – This variety of limestone is usually a deposit in warm or hot springs. Its surface has a fiber-like appearance and is popular for use for bathroom walling and flooring material in color choices of rust, tan, cream, and white. This stone is very durable yet attractive and is often used in bath interior design.

To ensure making the very best bathroom tiling selection for your new bath decor, consult the experts at Concept Bathrooms in Preston, Victoria today. These tiling professionals will offer you quality tiles and excellent tips for achieving the most creative and practical bathroom design imaginable.

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When in search for the latest materials to enhance your bathroom with, you need to consider travertine tiles and all that they have to offer this room. With these bathroom tiles, you will create the next generation of custom bathroom design that will last you far into the future. Travertine tiling makes for a durable floor inside and outside the shower, but also is attractive and wears well on bathroom walls.

A Brief Description of Travertine

Travertine is a type of limestone that forms in hot mineral springs. It forms in a variety of colours ranging from white to rust. Experts can hone and finish this stone to provide you with even a high-gloss finish, but it does require sealing since it porous in nature.

You Can Select From a Wide Assortment of Colours and Patterns

Today, there is a wide variety of colours and patterns available in travertine tiling. Colours range from a shell white to medium rust shades. While you can select to install all one colour in your bathroom, you also may decide to turn to multiple colours to create an earthy ambience in the bathroom. Mosaic patterns also are available on the market.

Travertine’s Durability Makes It Ideal for Bathroom Floors

As with other natural stone, travertine is a durable option for bathroom floors when it has the right texture. You do not a completely smooth finish for flooring in the bathroom with these tiles since it can be slippery when wet. A textured surface will provide a slip-resistant flooring that is favourable for both showers and bathrooms with the right sealant. Limestone is long wearing under normal-use conditions.

Install Travertine Tiles for Splashbacks or Wall Decor

Do not limit your use of these tiles to just the bathroom floor since they are ideal to create a spectacular wall decoration or to provide attractive protection in the form of a tub or sink splashback or a shower surround.

Travertine Tiles Are Easy to Maintain

Tiles of travertine are easy to maintain by following the instructions of the manufacturer, which will include how often resealing may be necessary. Sweep the floor with a soft broom to remove all debris and mop it with a gentle detergent at least once a week for routine maintenance.

For further facts about the next generation bathroom design using travertine tiles, contact Concept Bathrooms & Construction. We will deliver a bathroom that is highly functional and attractive. On top of this, all of our workmanship and materials come with a guarantee.

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For years you have been told to lighten up the bathroom with pastel colours to bring out the best in the room, but we are here to explain that dark bathrooms also are attractive and eye-catching. You can select a monochromatic approach with one shade throughout the entire bathroom, or you can mix a variety of deep colours together to heighten the dramatic effect of the dark bathroom. While you may think this only includes the walls and flooring, you are mistaken since fixtures, cabinets and benchtops also come in different shades to help you complement your efforts.

Add Custom Cabinetry with Deep, Rich Tones

Select your custom cabinets first in your endeavour to create a dark, attractive and customised bathroom design. Cherry or mahogany are two prime examples of natural wood tones that fit this decor style, or you can choose from a wide assortment of paint tones. For the benchtops, you have shades that range from dark grey to black in natural stone or laminates.

Decorate Walls in Dark Colours

Paint, tile or wallpaper the walls with deep shades that complement your cabinetry in an ideal manner. In the tile or wallpaper, you can select from a variety of patterns along with the deep shades that work for your decor. Even paint applications can be quite creative in nature.

Install Dark Shades of Fixtures

Fixtures such as bathtubs also are available in dark shades along with the traditional white. You can select from an assortment that ranges from grey to black. Faucets can add their special touches in this type of bathroom style since they come in such shades as brushed gold, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze and even black just for a sampling of what is on the market today.

A Flooring Option in a Deep Tone Makes a Striking Statement

Bathroom flooring options today include vinyl sheeting, ceramic tiles, laminates and others. All of these come in a wide range of colours and patterns with some strikingly attractive dark ones. Just choose the shades and patterns that best suit your needs.

Shine a Bit of Light on Your Efforts

Allow the light to drift softly through the window to shed a bit of illumination on your design efforts. By doing so, even when the lights are off in the room during the day, you will be able to admire the rich beauty of your dark decorating scheme. Choices in light fixtures today offer dark tints for the globes or shades and antique finishes on the metallic parts of the fixtures or even black.
Reach out to Concept Bathrooms & Construction for further ideas to make dark bathrooms attractive and functional. We will turn your ideas into reality in a high-quality manner.

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Today, homes can contain not only master bathrooms but also kid ones for your children to share daily to perform various grooming tasks. Instead of designing these bathrooms in an adult manner, you should create ones that take your young ones into consideration. You can include bright, playful colours and special features to make the bathrooms more kid-oriented. Read about further information on these ideas for bathroom designs for kids in the following list.

1. Bright, Playful Colours

Paint the walls of your children’s bathroom with bright, playful colours such as azure blue, lime green, hot pink or brilliant yellow. You can have a single colour or combine several to enhance the walls in a kid-themed way. On top of this, add appliqués of fish, zoo animals or other characters that appeal to your children.

2. A Built-in Step Stool

Customise one of the bathroom cabinets to include a built-in step stool below the sink. If you have a freestanding sink, place a regular kid-safe step stool at it to help your children reach the sink easily.

3. Character Towel Hooks or Racks

You can install towel hooks or racks that have characters on them such as giraffes or other animals. This feature will encourage children to hang up their towels once they finish drying their bodies. In addition, it enhances the room with another enjoyable design element.

4. A Kid-Size Toilet

Another feature that is ideal for bathrooms for children is the installation of a kid-size toilet. A toilet of this size is easier for a child to use than a standard adult toilet is, especially during the early years of a child’s life.

5. Splashbacks Around the Tub

Splashbacks around the tub ensure that you protect the walls from children splashing water as they bathe. Tile or fibreglass ones are popular for bathrooms since they are durable and easy to clean.

6. Slip-Resistant Floors

With all kid bathrooms, it is important to install a slip-resistant flooring to ensure that your young ones do not fall and harm themselves as they walk on it with wet feet. A number of different options exist today, including sheet vinyl or certain styles of ceramic tiles.

To explore additional details about the above ideal bathroom designs for kids or other ones, contact Concept Bathrooms & Construction. We are experts in designing and installing bathrooms for both kids and adults along with providing any custom joinery that your project calls for to ensure satisfactory results.