Cracks and Holes on Ceramic Bathroom Tile Floors Calls for Bathroom Repair and Renovation  7 September 2016


After years of use, it is not uncommon for cracks and holes to appear on ceramic bathroom tile floors. Not only does this damage cause the floors to have an unsightly appearance, but the cracks and holes can create sharp edges on the tiles that can harm people’s feet when they enter the room with bare feet to take a bath or shower. To remedy this situation, you will need bathroom repair and renovation techniques to restore the floor to a safe and attractive condition. At times, a patch job is sufficient, but at other times, you will need to replace the entire floor with new ceramic tiles.

Minor Issues Only Call for Repairs

When the damage is minor, repairs will be enough to restore the bathroom floor, especially if you have extra tiles left from the original install or the cracks and holes are just in the grout. You will need an in-depth solution, though, if the damage is major, as we discuss in the next section.

Major Damage Requires Extensive Remodeling

If the tiles suffer from severe damage or you do not have any of tiles on hand from the original installation, a repair job will be inadequate to fully restore the condition of your bathroom. The entire tile floor will need to be removed to make way for a new one. Professionals will perform this task adeptly and install a fresh base on which to adhere to new tiles too if necessary. After this, they will adhere the tiles in the proper configuration and manner to secure them. Grout is the finishing stage of a tile floor to fill in the spaces in between the tiles. Once the tile adhesive and grout dries, the floor only requires a quick cleaning to be ready for use.

Consider Updating with Current Styles of Ceramic Tiles

If you indeed do require a total renovation of your tile bathroom floor, consider updating with the latest in ceramic tiles. Styles have changed over the years to offer you innovative flooring results. Explore the numerous options in these tiles before you select the one that is right for your specific bathroom. You even can mix different styles and colours together to create a look that is unique.

To ensure that you receive only quality bathroom repair and renovation on your ceramic bathroom tile floors, contact Concept Bathrooms & Construction. We restore ceramic bathroom tile floors back to their former glory, according to each one’s specific needs. We provide a range of services including a kitchen renovation and laundry renovation.