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bathroom remodel

Located in northern Melbourne, at Concept Bathrooms & Construction we provide complete custom bathroom remodelling services combined with expertise and professional customer service to provide the best outcome through your luxury bathroom renovation experience.

Luxurious Bathroom Makeovers

The bathroom can be the most important room in the house and is one of the main things that people look for when assessing the quality of your home. A luxury bathroom can be a major factor when deciding to sell or rent as well.

Unfortunately, most bathrooms are also the most likely to show their age and degradation over time. Beautiful ceramic installations can become dull and chipped. Polished metal fixtures can lose their shine over time. Mirrors can become so grimy and water stained that they no longer reflect well enough to be useful.

Best Bathroom Transformations

Perhaps you are very careful though, and your home has been well cared for? While some people prefer the classic look of their original bathroom, there are a lot of designs that stand out in the clean modern world of today. Updating the design of your bathroom can create a significant difference in the feel of your home.

bathroom remodel

Appearances aren’t the only thing factor that matters either. Cleanliness is key to a healthy life and we do most of our hygienic maintenance in the bathroom. This process should be sanitarily safe and hassle free, and there are many things that can contribute to a less-than-ideal bathroom experience. Having a shower head out of place or a sink that overflows too easily can ruin anyone's morning.

Whatever the reason, the decision to custom design your bathroom can be a complicated but worthy endeavour. At Concept Bathrooms, we provide a service that makes this decision all the more simple.

Whether it’s a simple update to the decor or a complete overhaul of your space, we want to make sure that your bathroom’s transformation is completed and personalised to your every satisfaction.

Custom Bathroom Remodelling Process

Above all else, your renovation must be up to the standards that you want for your home. Our team of experienced designers and tradesmen will be with you every step of the way through our comprehensive process:

Private consultation

private consultation

Before any work is done, we want you to be sure that we are the right business for you. We offer a free private consultation where you can meet face to face with a Concept Bathrooms & Construction representative to express any thoughts or concerns. This meeting can take place in your home so that we can get a first-hand view of your home arrangement, or at our location in Preston.

Free design and quote

free design and quotes

After a design has been worked out that’s right for you and your bathroom, we will give you an exact quote. This process will give you an idea of the cost of your renovation, as well as a rough diagram of your bathroom design.

We understand that this is a decision that takes a lot of time and thought. Once you receive your quote there will be ample time to consider the offer.

Bathroom elements selection

bathroom elements selection

Our designs are created to accommodate a range of bathroom elements such as fixtures, fittings, accessories, tiles, and paints. Take some time to research and look through our selection to find the items that will make your bathroom perfect.

If you would rather avoid the difficulty of choosing, you also have the option to accept the elements that we have included with our initial design and quote.

Acceptance of contract

final quote and acceptance of contract

Once all of the elements of the renovation have been decided, we will give you a final quote. This will include the number calculated in the initial quote, as well as any changes to the cost from the selected elements.
Once you are happy with this final quote, we will start a contract and make it official. The contract will include the quotation for all of your selected elements of the design as well as the work necessary to complete your renovation. The contract will also include details concerning the expected length of the job.
Now the work can begin.

Inspection & Preparation

bathroom inspection

First, our tradesmen will come out and assess your current bathroom, this is the work site. This step will identify any specific details or issues that will affect the work on the renovation, as well as those not found if the site has been seen previously in a private consultation.

Next, our team will prepare you, your family, and your home for the renovation process.

Demolition and Pipe reworking


Once everything is out of the way our tradesmen will begin the demolition process. This is contingent on the amount of work that needs to be done but generally involves removing bathroom fixtures and taking out tiles.

After the bathroom has been stripped back to a simple state the pipes will be reworked and relocated to accommodate the new layout. Our plumbers will come in and make sure that everything is flowing when the design is finalised.

Plastering, painting and Tiling

plastering and painting

Next, our tradesmen will come back and apply the new face of your renovation. This will a base layer of plastering to reinforce the walls, then your chosen paint colour.

Once the walls have fully dried off we will place the floors of your new bathroom. Your selected tiles will be sealed with grout and caulking to create a perfectly flat surface with no gaps or uneven edges.

Your renovation should be taking shape now.

Adding Fittings, fixtures, and Personal inspection

>fittings fixtures and other elements

All other elements included in your renovation will be installed and applied according to the exact specifications of the design.

With the work largely all done, we will invite you to the site to make sure that there are is nothing left unfinished or incorrectly done. If there is nothing that you can see, then we can move onto the final stage.

Finalisation and Cleaning

finalisation and cleaning

Our team will come in one last time to clean the room and finalise the renovation. The room should now be turned from a work site into your new bathroom, and ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Renovating your bathroom can be a long and difficult experience, but our process can make it easier. If you are interested in what we have to offer, please contact us or visit our showroom at 141 High Street, Preston.

Concept Bathrooms will help you select the right shade and pattern of bathroomware for your specific bathroom application. Consult with us for further information on designing and creating complete custom and luxurious bathrooms of all styles.

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