Custom Built Homes That Meets Your Every Need  7 March 2016

living room

Today, pre-existing houses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but these structures may not suit your needs in a home. The one way to receive all the features that you value the most in a residence is to hire a professional company to create one of the custom built homes that specialises in designing and constructing for clients. Concept Bathrooms & Construction is one of these companies and we serve the area of Victoria, Australia.

Design Services

We offer architectural design services to create plans for your house that include all your specifications and desires. Our design staff members will meet with you to discover all of the necessary structural details for the outside and inside of your home. You also will select various features such as materials, flooring, cabinetry, paint colours and more to include in your house at the time of construction.

We Apply for All Necessary Permits and Approval from Local Agencies

You can rely on us to apply for all pertinent permits and approval from local agencies in order for the construction to begin on your house in a legitimate fashion. Typically, the permits are fairly simple to obtain, but certain permissions may be a bit more involved and require our professional knowledge to receive in an expeditious manner.

We Custom Build Each House

Our Company does not take on large developments that turn out cookie-cutter type houses that copy each other. Instead, we carefully construct each of our custom built homes to be a unique creation that is one of a kind. Concept Bathrooms & Construction strives to provide quality with each detail of the house.

Additional Features Are Possible

Along with the traditional features that a custom home includes, we also offer pergolas, garages, sheds, granny flats, and alfresco areas for your home or yard. Just include your desires in our initial meeting, and we will add them into the plans to ensure that you receive all of the features that you are seeking for your home. We will explain in-depth what we can provide you with these features and which materials are ideal for their construction.

On top of new, custom built homes, we specialise in house refurbishments, extensions, kitchens, and bathrooms. We design, construct and install all necessary elements and then outfit them with the best possible hardware to complete the elements in the proper manner. With each project that we provide clients, we also deliver a guarantee of materials and services. If any part of the project is not up to the desired standards, we will return and make it right. We provide a range of services including kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, laundry renovation, and tiles installation.