Design Ideas for Caesarstone® Bathroom Surfaces  26 April 2017

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No other room in the house is exposed to as much moisture regularly as is the bathroom. For this reason, all the materials on the various surfaces in this room need to be able to stand up to it along with the other types of wear and tear that come with the daily use of this room. Caesarstone® provides a unique manufactured stone product that adds timeless elegance and luxury to your bathroom in a wide variety of design ideas with its varied assortment of colours and patterns. Uses for this product range from the wall covering to flooring panels in the bathroom.

1. Wall Covering

Since Caesarstone® requires a minimum of joins in its installation, it creates almost seamless walls from floor to ceilings with its large panels in comparison to using separate bathroom tiles in other materials. Grout in between tiles is difficult to keep clean and maintain. Caesarstone® complements the modern decor in an optimal manner for this reason but also blends well with other decor styles. The manufacturer offers a special line of slabs in selected colours that are 13-mm thick for use as wall panels since they are lighter in weight than their standard 20-mm thick panels for other uses.

2. Bench tops

With all the grooming elements being out on the bench tops in the bathroom, the material in them needs to be durable above all else. Caesarstone® is ideal for this use since it is highly scratch resistant. It also comes in a wide range of colours to suit your decor preferences. You can choose a subtle pattern such as the Snow™ or Osprey™ or you can choose the earthier pattern of Wild Rocks™ just for a few examples.

3. Shower Stalls

Install this man-made stone product in a shower stall for yet another design option for your custom bathroom. We state this since it is mould and mildew resistant along with being durable.

4. Splash backs for Tub and Sink Areas

When you desire, you can protect the tub and sink areas from moisture, by installing Caesarstone® splash backs while painting the rest of the wall the colour of your choice.

5. Flooring Panels

While Caesarstone is recommended for flooring panels as well as the other uses above, it does not receive the manufacturer’s customary 10-year limited warranty for this use due to the additional wear and tear from foot traffic, which is something to consider before you decide on it for this application.

Concept Bathrooms & Construction will help you select the right shade and pattern of Caesarstone® vanities, splash backs and bench tops for your specific bathroom application or applications. You can choose a single colour and pattern or you can blend two or more together to create a one-of-a-kind look for your bathroom. We will install it in a quality manner after you make your selection.

We also provide tile installation services and these tiles give your home a fresh look.