Tips for a Cost-Effective and Budget Friendly House Refurbishment  21 October 2015

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If you are avoiding renovating your home out of fear of the expense, you should rethink this decision. Seldom, does a home require a complete remodel from top to bottom just to update its appearance. You may only need to concentrate your efforts on one or two rooms to accomplish a face-lift for your home. Here at Concept Bathrooms & Construction we perform all types of renovations from simple to complex, and this makes us an expert on the fact that many remodels are affordable. We will show you some tips below, though, for a cost-effective, budget friendly house refurbishment to prove that you can afford to remodel your abode.

Tip #1 – Consider which room of the house is in the worst shape, and start with just that room if you cannot afford a huge remodel project at present. For example, the kitchen is the same one that came with the house 20 years ago. You know that everything in it is out of date, and the appliances are not even energy efficient according to today’s standards. When this fits your house, start with your kitchen.

Tip #2 – In a bathroom, you may just require new cabinetry with a dual sink configuration in place of your single sink. Maybe you also need to update the flooring. When you just replace the bare minimum, the renovation will not break the budget.

Tip #3 – Your kitchen may desperately need new countertops and a sink, but the rest of your kitchen may just require a coat of paint. A remodel on this level is well worth the investment. Another budget friendly house renovation to improve your kitchen is to replace the stock cabinets with custom-made ones that will provide you with additional storage. In addition, installing a pantry into your kitchen increases your ability to organize all your dry goods, cooking and baking supplies, and necessary prep equipment.

Tip #4 – An extension may be your only answer when you run out of living space for your family in your home. You may feel the extension will be too costly to manage, but when you figure in how expensive it might be to move to a larger house, you soon realize the expense of an extension is cost-effective. Our professionals will work in conjunction with you to ensure that they design and build an extension to fit within your budget.

Remember these tips for a cost-effective, budget friendly house refurbishment the next time you plan to remodel to remove your fear to proceed with it. You can relax when you rely on our company to perform your renovation, as we will design the ideal plan for your kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, or extension in an affordable manner.